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Basic Authentication and RSS Feeds Discussion

Is this functionality on the current site? I'm not seeing it.

Edit, had to enter the url manually:


It should be in the top right if you click on "Account" in the navigation too.


How do you put in Wistia videos to your Rails Server?????


I'm just storing the wistia video ID in Rails and then embedding the videos.


May I ask how would you implement a simple authentication form (simple password field) to filter private pages, for private photo album/info/etc per say ?
Click the link -> form -> load password protected page if password is true.


You could basically store a hashed password on the album and then prompt for the password. When they type in the password, run it through the same hashing algorithm (check out bcrypt) and if the hashes match, you can set a cookie letting the user view the page. This is basically how email/password logins work.


Where is it reading the episode data from?


@episodes is the instance variable you'd set in the controller just like you normally would when printing out the index.


This doesn't seem to be working for me. I;m using:

 @articles = Article.all.order(post_on_date: :asc)

    respond_to do |format|

but I keep getting ActionController::UnknownFormat in RssController#index


Never mind. I got it figured out! Thanks for this!

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