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Auto-removing notices from a turbo_stream

RJ McCollam asked in Rails

I am appending a notice partial via turbo_stream on a few actions for a model. I am running into an issue on figuring out the best way to remove these notices after a set period of time.

The actual javascript on doing it is fine, but with the content being added via a turbo_stream I am not sure how to watch for that.

I have tried wrapping the notice partial with a data-controller to load a stimulus controller, but that doesn't fire when this partial is added.

I also tried listening for turbo events like load, but that isn't triggered either when this partial gets added.

What can I listen to, if anything, to run JS after a turbo_steam even has taken place?


Do you mean like a flash notice? you can do it as a

function myFunction() {
  setTimeout(function(){ alert("Hello"); }, 3000);
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