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Analytics with Segment Discussion

Discussion for Analytics with Segment

Great episode Chris! Would be awesome to see some more detailed episodes both for client and server side implementations.


Got any specifics you'd like to see?

Stephen Dolan Stephen Dolan

Lots of places in the video where I think you meant to edit in a cut, but instead left all of the re-takes in. It didn't make a difference to me, but you might want to be more thorough with editing (especially on the pro videos).


For anyone that wants to see a very detailed implementation of Segment within a real world Rails SaaS app, I wrote extensively about that here:


Funny, this is the very reason I'm implementing Segment right now. Rob's article is pretty awesome in terms of the things you can do with such a cheap / free marketing stack.


For anyone who isn't seeing events load in the debugger:

Make sure you have any adblockers switched off for localhost:3000 or any other website with this that you're testing!


Hi Chris,
Is it better to use track in html like <"script">analytics.track<"/script"> or in segment.js in asset pipeline?
If I have my identify in JS, is it possible to use user data for the server side? Is it the new cloud method (instead device)?

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