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Hey Chris, for years, I've been taking templates and just putting them in the app/assets folders instead of going the route of the Vendors folders. Is there a specific reason for going with Vendors over App?

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Hey Josh,

We use Apartment for AthleteProgress. It is a great tool IF you want to have your accounts separated by subdomain with certain models scoped to the subdomain. If as you note, Accounts do not need to be on subdomains, I would just scope the user to the account and skip the complexity that Apartment can add.

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Funny, this is the very reason I'm implementing Segment right now. Rob's article is pretty awesome in terms of the things you can do with such a cheap / free marketing stack.

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Thanks for the response, @jeremychristopherbray:disqus. The issue isn't with the app sending messages out through action_mailer, it's that I'm unable to send and receive email for all business related email addresses. I use Google Apps and the account is essentially useless right now as I believe that traffic is not being routed to the Mail Subdomain / MX Records.

To the above point, I'm more a Jr. Dev than anything, so if I misunderstood your response, my apology.

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Okay, so I have Apartment working wonderfully in an app. The issue that I'm having is that Google Apps / Mail isn't able to send or receive. I'm guessing the app is intercepting traffic meant for "". I've been unable to find a recommendation as to how this should be handled, ideas?

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Ha, this is very timely. Working through some bugs. Thanks!

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Chris, I was able to follow this tutorial a number of times and it's great.

As I went to integrate into a test app that I'm building, I ran into an interesting issue that seems to be a common use case / challenge for Shrine as I perused the web for the solution (not a lot of content, I might add... GoRails is pretty much the standard resource aside from the docs).

In my app, I have a Location which has_many Photos. Photo belongs_to Location. When a user creates a location, they upload photos through the location form (using fields_for method).

It seems the issue is that Shrine doesn't play particularly nicely with nested resources? (and I'm a rookie as it pertains to appropriately executing this methodology) I've left code out intentionally as I think it's beyond the scope of your support, but I might be interesting to do a video with Shrine Uploads with the model as a nested resource.

I really do believe that Shrine could well become the defacto standard, but like anything new(ish), there is a learning curve.

Okay ladies and gents, I'm going to self resolve this one. I had found documentation that made the Geocoder Gem look out of date. After further review, it is actually quite current.

Specific to my ask. you can enter a major landmark, address, or lat/long into an "address" field and it will identify the location. Pretty cool!

I'm building a portfolio app where a user can share all of the locations that they like to work from. A location can be a home, office, coffee shop, park or some random place in the wilderness. Given the prior criteria, I'm trying to figure out how best to geocode the location given either an address input or lat /long. I know there are many gems out there that do it, but many seem to be out of date.

Any and all help is appreciated.

Ideally, I'd like to have a user be able to enter either an address or lat, long into the address field and have the location processed from that input.

This is great. Learning how to work with dates and what not in Rails can be a bit intimidating. This is certainly taking the edge off. Perhaps revisiting dates, timezones, etc... with Rails 5 could be a new episode?

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You can also find your region by looking at the URL when in your S3 bucket. Look for > ?region=us-west-2