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Action Cable vs Mailboxer?

Enrique Benitez asked in General

Differences and pros/cons between Rails 5 new Action Cable vs Mailboxer gem?

What are your thoughts? :)


Action Cable uses web sockets which means that message exchanging happens in real time. Much more user friendly.
Mailboxer as far as I can tell requires the user to refresh the page.


These are really two different things you can't compare much. ActionCable is websockets, allowing you to talk back and forth to the server in realtime. You'd still have to build your messaging system on top of that.

You can actually use ActionCable to implement a realtime messaging system that uses Mailboxer on the backend. It'd pretty much just require you to take the stuff I covered in the other episodes and rather than doing POST requests to the server, use JS to send it over to ActionCable actions. This should make for a pretty easy implementation of realtime messaging.


That would a very interesting video to see. Maiboxer + ActionCable. So we dont need to start from scratch for a full messaging system.

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