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2 Factor Authentication

Shaun Fahey asked in Gems / Libraries

Hey Chris. This would be good for a screencast, well i'd like to see it for sure!


Yes! I've actually had this on my list to cover really soon. I'm going to try to squeeze it in after the Rails 5 videos I want to cover. This is becoming so common, it'd be really important to have a video on it!


Good. I'm glad you liked the idea :-) It's becoming really important to have an extra layer of security with loads of different sites getting compromised these days. I'm looking forward to that tutorial.


Oh definitely! I had an account with a trivial password get hacked recently that made me think about how good a two factor auth tutorial would be for GoRails. Gonna get on that!

Also, do you know if this gem uses Twilio for a backend or is it generic in that it could support anything? I haven't looked at this much.


2 Factor Authentication has saved me recently with a couple of attempts on my PayPal and Twitter accounts, but as I use a YubiKey I was ok. To answer your question i've only had a quick look at the gem, but they use this gem to generate the QR-code representing the user's secret key.

However, they also talk about sending an SMS, not sure if that's Twilio and you can also use a mobile application such as Google Authenticator for the key. Personally I think it would make a great series, making an app that stores sensitive information/data and takes a payment or something like that.

I'm off to bed now, it's 22:30 in the UK.


Oh cool, I'll definitely give it a look. I think that would be really awesome to support Google Authenticator, SMS, etc. I imagine this gem is designed to be fairly generic so you can support whichever you need.

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