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Debugging: How to Interpret a Stacktrace Discussion

General • Asked by Chris Oliver

Thanks, Chris. You consistently put out amazing content that I don't see anyone else doing. I appreciate the quality of your lessons. Keep up the awesomeness!

Thanks Scott! 🍻

Hello Chris, This stuff is important! Especially when your back is against the wall. You should consider doing an entire series on debugging :) Good work.

Agreed! Any other debugging topics you'd like to see?

I use byebug all the time to slow the program down and examine the state. That is an important tool. How to use it effectively, e.g., conditional break points, goes a long way in being able to fix runtime crashes or bugs.

I agree. I thinks some more videos on debugging would be awesome!

Thanks, Chris. That's a super helpful video!
One thing I noticed was that you look at the docs for Rails 5 ( and since the stack trace is from a Rails 3 version it's better to look at the corresponding docs, i.e.
Often they are the same, but sometimes the differences can catch you out.

catching up with the episodes. love this topic.


I have a little bit different debugging question from anything I have seen addressed. I was wondering if you know of a way to determine all the places javascript methods are being called from? The project I am working on is a disorganized and large mess and determining the process flow in JavaScript has been pretty difficult.


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