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Adding Exceptions To Recurring Events Discussion

thank you Chris!


Chris love to see a reschedule event or one recurrent.


Just watched this, thanks so much. Very helpful indeed. You're awesome Chris!


Great episode. I'm implementing something similar. I'm using unix timestamp for the exceptions, as this is always in UTC, so no issues with timezones. (I'm also using this timestamp to associate notes to individual events). I'm running into an issue where if the initial event date/time is edited, the keys for the exceptions (and notes) are no longer valid. Any suggestions how to handle this ?

My best idea so far is as follows:

  • don't allow editing of any event in the past
  • when an event is edited, warn that any exceptions / agenda attached to the event will be lost, and delete them.
  • set a end_date for the initial event and recreate another event starting at the same time as the next event in the series

It seems like there are no good solutions to this problem :D


Does anyone have a solution for editing an event and creating an exception? Like instead of just deleting an individual day I want to change the times for just that one day? I know I should just create an exception and a separate event for that day but I am wondering what the best way would be to go about that. Any ideas are appreciated!

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