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33 Scheduling Posts

Episode 86 · August 26, 2015

Learn how to schedule posts in draft, published, and scheduled modes



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Brian on

Great tutorial - thanks! While everything appears to be working fine, I'm still running into the turbolinks caching issues you spoke of at the ~22min mark even after installing the jquery-turbolinks gem (and restarting the server). Is there some additional configuration that needs to happen in order for the gem to prevent that buggy js behavior? Thanks in advance!

Chris Oliver (167,500 XP) on

That's a great question Brian. I think that what I was experiencing was that the jQuery code I wrote never gets re-executed when the page changes via Turbolinks. Usually jquery-turbolinks fixes that by hijacking the page change event and that automatically fixes it. You might double check to make sure that jquery-turbolinks is being included in your application.js file properly. That's about the only thing that I can think of off the top of my head.

Simon Cooper (2,300 XP) on

I've gone through this, but when trying to load the form. I get `undefined method `published_at?' for nil:NilClass`.

My helper to my eye, looks word for word as per the example: (my model is article, not post)

module ArticlesHelper
def status_for(article)
if article.published_at?
if article.published_at >

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