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Hello friends! I connected to my twitter account using the connect button but I forgot to connect in the sign_in option.
So I received this kind of error " undefined method `twitter_accounts' for nil:NilClass" because I did not make this error bypass. How should I do to send a message to remmeber the user to connect via sign_in first? It is better to use just an alert or create a controller and all the rest if I got NilClass.

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I did not know about table plus I think it is very simple to use which is very good.

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In linux this Editor="code --vait" rails credentials:edit --environment=development , helped a lot , thanks @mikeHatfield, saved a lot of my time in this quest.

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Hi Cris, thanks for the help. I do not know with your are going to explain how to set a heroku and twitter account, but I think it is not very difficult, because I've already did the twitter part but I do not have a heroku yet, so I will try to do this tutorial and maybe when I finished I have the knowledge.

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maybe you should authenticate the form using html and javascript or doing something like this

I tried but not worked here for me, so, I should use some regex in html and javascript, but I think rails has a better way.

Very sorry my wrong here. I did not saved the data bank so it was empty. Very sorry.

but if I use user=@user.errors.any? Maybe it is my ruby version it is not the 3 but the 2.7... but my rails is 6.1.1 .
The error is in minute 6:37 <% if user = @user.errors.any? %>

I could not use @user.errors.any? in rails console.

Nicely done. User.all , User.first, User.last, User.create({hash:"hash"})

I liked the navbar construction, very easy to build and this idea to separate is very good to improve time and speed building the webpage.

going to try this, I need to put the bootstrap at the end of application layout html file.

great content.

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This command could help you.

-> " sudo apt-key adv --refresh-keys --keyserver "