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Rails for Beginners Part 8: Using Partials for the Navbar Discussion

I liked the navbar construction, very easy to build and this idea to separate is very good to improve time and speed building the webpage.


yeah the partials uses are great


Is "shared" a required name for the partials folder or can you name it anything?


The folder name does not have to be shared, it can be anything you wish. You can try foobar/_navbar.html.erb


you could also name it this_folder_contains_partials_which_are_shared_or_used_by_multiple_pages
or (if you want future devs looking at your app to figure it out by themselves) you could call it the_icecream_folder


partials is great


so for partials does it not render the additional content provided by application.html.erb and instead just inserts what is inside of the file itself verbatim?

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