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Rails for Beginners Part 11: Creating the User model Discussion

Nicely done. User.all , User.first, User.last, User.create({hash:"hash"})

I get an error on User.all
Object doesn't support #inspect

my console output
ubuntu@LAPTOP-MIO8EIGO:~/projects/scheduled_tweets$ rails c
Loading development environment (Rails
irb(main):001:0> User
=> User (call 'User.connection' to establish a connection)
irb(main):002:0> User.all
(51.7ms) SELECT sqlite_version()
User Load (1.2ms) SELECT "users".
FROM "users"
(Object doesn't support #inspect)

you might have missed out the

"rails db:migrate"


I had the same error and I was also getting

PG::UndefinedTable: ERROR:  relation "users" does not exist (ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid)
LINE 9:  WHERE a.attrelid = '"users"'::regclass

when I was running User.create.... I had missed the command rails db:migrate 😫

I don't know why I can't install the bcrypt. I tried several versions and lots of uninstalling and reinstalling the gem. At first I had the error about the .gemrc file but after that I created the file manually I can successfully run the bundle command but every time I can't run the rails server command and a long log appear.

This line is already in the Gemfile at around line 37:
gem "bcrypt", "~> 3.1.7"

You just need to uncomment it and then run bundle. Did you try this? : )

You can use ANNOTATE gem for the comments in the models

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