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I was looking at the unread gem but it seems a bit complicated and many seem to run into difficulty with it.

Instead, I was thinking of adding an 'already_read' column (boolean) to the post model.

But then I ran into two problems:

  1. How to ensure that the already_read column is only updated for the current user
  2. How to create the correct route/method so that when user clicks 'mark as read', it updates the database

Anyone have any thoughts or ideas? Thank you!

I too would love to know how to do this.

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Oh that's exciting! Since we just got the prior version working, will it be easy to upgrade? Do you recommend we do so, or stick with what we now have working? Thanks Domizio.

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Hi Domizio,

Thank you for this. My team and I only found the Quick Start doc. We must have missed the other docs. If you haven't already, perhaps post these four links prominently at the top of the read me? Maybe they are there, but we couldn't get it to work until we watched Chris' video. Not a criticism: just helpful (we hope) feedback from actual users. We love Pagy and thank you so much for creating it!


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Thank you for this wonderful explanation. The Pagy docs don't mention the requirement that you need to 'import' the methods for front end and back end. This video was the missing link. Thank you once again Chris for a job well done!

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Thanks as always Chris! Great stuff. We have our onboarding checklist already working, but yours is a bit cleaner, and automatically checks off the items as they are completed! I look forward to implementing this as an improvement in the future!

If you happen to see this:

Can this work on a more complicated task, i.e. Make a post that uses the tag 'introduce-yourself'? In other words, how would we set it up so the checklist knows it wasn't just a post, but actually a post with a particular tag?


We have the photo uploads working now (THANK YOU CHRIS FOR A GREAT TUTORIAL!), but unfortunately, there is no 'drag and drop' option on mobile, so it means only those users on desktop can add a photo to their posts. I've been searching on google for a tutorial on how to add a custom button to the Trix editor.

Any thoughts? Has anyone done it before?

I wish I could help but I don't know the answer. Why don't you try the GoRails Slack?

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Are you still having trouble? Did you get it working Syed? I'm no expert, but my team and I got it working on our app, and I'll try to help as much as I can.

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Hi Charlie, so if someone clicks 'forgot password', that's going to have an effect on the referral code? Can you elaborate?

Hi Taylor, glad I was able to help!

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Great stuff Chris! Very exciting. I also just watched the @mention episode too.

To anyone reading this, a few questions:

  1. Do you think we can get @mentions working on our Rails 5.2 app that has the Trix editor installed?
  2. Can we install the Trix editor on comments too, so that the @mentions would work there as well?
  3. What about on the live chat with actioncable? Are we in trouble there because the live chat doesn't use the Trix editor?
  4. When do you think Rails 6 will be stable?
  5. Would it make sense to upgrade our current rails 5.2 app to 6, or is that trouble?

Thanks much!

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Does anyone have an update on the rspec / actioncable issue? We are slowly starting to implement rspec into our workflow as our app gets bigger.

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Hi Stephene,

If I understand, your chat room displays the names of the users who are currently in that chatroom chatting? Did you figure out how to get it working?


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Are you still seeking an answer to this? If so, let me know, and I'll see if we can help you. We just got our chatroom working properly.


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Hi Chris!

We got it working perfectly! Thanks so much! Can't wait to show you what we're putting together in a few months when we launch :D

One question: when a chatroom switches to bold, it indicates new unread messages. When I click on that chatroom, it loads the chatroom, but then it takes about 3 - 5 seconds before the new messages themselves load.

Do you have any suggestions on how to remove that load delay?


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Hi Chris!

After watching this video, I remember the conversation we had that I was referring to.

We were discussing debugging. You mentioned that maybe this gem has been updated, or is now a part of rails, or something...

I'd like to use this but before trying to install, wanted to see if you remembered what it was we were discussing. Does this ring a bell?


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A) Would $5/month cover our needs for the first year? What triggers the upgrades? Is it based on how many errors are received?

B) So if one of our users in France triggers a heroku rails error, it will show up in errbit, and we can link it so that it notifies us in Slack?

C) And then, if another user in Brazil triggers a different heroku rails error, that too will show up in errbit, so we can diagnose it?

D) Okay, so errbit with airbrake still works according to this video? Don't need to change anything?

E) When is the best time for a deployed app with multiple uses to get set up with this type of error tracking? Is it recommened from day one, to ensure no downtime?

Thanks again!

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Hi Chris!

Great video.

Two questions

a) So we could run this on hatchbox for $5/month for our three deployed apps?

b) I think you mentioned that errbit is now included in Rails or something? So we don't have to go through all of the steps you list here. Could you remind me again what it was you said?

Thanks much!

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That's a great question. I'll try to find the answer.

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TIP: The coffeescript files ARE indent dependent. With ruby (and I also believe generic javascript), whitespace doesn't matter. However, we learned that with these coffeescript/javascript files, if you have even ONE indent wrong, it may mess everything up. Be CERTAIN that the indentation is correct in the coffeescript files. We had the most annoying issue where the messageRelayJob kept firing multiple times, posting blank messages. The solution? One tiny indent needed to move one space to the left.

Be VERY meticulous with your whitespace in your coffeescript files! :D