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Finding GoRails is a Godsend. These videos are SO fascinating. Not only do I get step by step guidance adding a new feature, but I learn so much in the process. First I watch the entire videos straight through at 1.25 speed to get the gist and make sure I understand everything. Then I go back again and watch them at normal speed, pausing along the way to implement and test each step. It's really fun! And I get to see a new feature come to life before my eyes. Bravo Chris!

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Hi Chris,

Another fantastic tutorial.

a) If we install mailboxer and down the line want to give users the option to add multiple receipients, i.e. a 'private group chat', does mailboxer allow this? If so, this looks like a great option. *UPDATE: I see that video 3 discusses this. *

b) I installed notifications using your other tutorial. Should I use that same line of code here to create notifications in our bell, or is it best to use the mailboxer notifications? Or is it a combination of both?

c) I saw one person ask about how a user can trash/delete messages, but it doesn't appear you've yet responded. Is that covered as well?

Thanks ever so much.

Oh that sounds like a winner! And one I haven't heard of before. Thank you Chris.

I am trying to understand Ruby and Rails as best I can. I've purchased a bunch of ruby on rails books, but am wondering if you have any recommendations. Perhaps there are many I haven't yet read to help me get a better understanding of everything that's going on?

Thank you!