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Posted in Multiuser Live Video Chat in Rails Discussion

Thanks Chris! This is something we can investigate creating if we decide to move away from Zoom! Or, if this turns out to be more affordable than zoom :D

There is something called the Jumpstart Gem. It is created by Go Rails. It allows automatically installs many gems and css for you and sets up basic models and controllers so you are all set from the beginning.

Looks great! What's the main benefit to using Stripe with Pay, rather than Stripe solo? We have Stripe subscriptions already set up on our site. Would this augment what we already have?

Posted in Building Part 1 Discussion

This is awesome Chris! Thanks so much! This will help me and my team better understand rails coding from start to finish!

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What is the test suite that Chris is using here? Is there a book that shows how to use this test suite?

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Chris, it would be really great to see a video on how to set up nested routes properly. I have looked at every tutorial online, and nothing makes sense :D

Hi Ivan,

Above you wrote: "You will have to create the new and create methods for the journal of course for the form to work."

But later you said that "You would be initiating the form from your posts controller show or index methods."

Do I still need to create a new and create method for the journal? In a new journal controller, or in the posts controller? I think that's the last thing that is confusing to me.

Thanks very much!

Hi Ivan!

Thanks for this incredible assistance. I think I understand enough to try to get it working. I will report back how things go, and if I get stuck.


Just wanted to truly say, "THANK YOU" to Chris Oliver. If it weren't for this amazing community, my team and I would be lost. It's because of him, and the wonderful people like you reading this who always answer our questions, that we are consistently making progress on our code base.

As a team of relative beginners, it's so nice to know we can always find friendly and supportive people here at GoRails. All of you also deserve a big round of applause.

Hi Ivan, a few questions, kindly:

1) Why would current_user.posts load a list of read posts? Clearly I am missing something, but it seems like current_user.posts would list all posts (read or unread) by the current user.

2) We actually want to show only the posts that have not been marked as read. To provide context, it's a message board, and we have a section called 'Hot Topics' which shows posts that have comments within the last 10 days. As soon as you comment on a hot topic post, it is removed from the hot topics list. But sometimes, you just read it, and decide not to comment. Users should still have the option to remove it, to reduce their hot topics list. So we want to put a 'mark as read' button on each hot topic. Then we will check to see if the post is 'hot' (has a new comment) and also 'unread'. Only if both criteria are satisfied, will it display. And any time a message is marked 'unread', if a new comment is added thereafter, it will again be marked as 'unread' and 'hot', and therefore, will again be displayed.

3) How do we actually set up the routes for this? Do we have to modify the routes file? Do we have to add anything to the form itself, so it knows where to 'post' to?

Ivan, this is wonderful! I am going to read through all this, and will get back to you with questions! Thanks for taking the time to provide such a thorough answer. I think it will help many others too!

I was looking at the unread gem but it seems a bit complicated and many seem to run into difficulty with it.

Instead, I was thinking of adding an 'already_read' column (boolean) to the post model.

But then I ran into two problems:

  1. How to ensure that the already_read column is only updated for the current user
  2. How to create the correct route/method so that when user clicks 'mark as read', it updates the database

Anyone have any thoughts or ideas? Thank you!

I too would love to know how to do this.

Posted in How to Add Pagination with Pagy Discussion

Oh that's exciting! Since we just got the prior version working, will it be easy to upgrade? Do you recommend we do so, or stick with what we now have working? Thanks Domizio.

Posted in How to Add Pagination with Pagy Discussion

Hi Domizio,

Thank you for this. My team and I only found the Quick Start doc. We must have missed the other docs. If you haven't already, perhaps post these four links prominently at the top of the read me? Maybe they are there, but we couldn't get it to work until we watched Chris' video. Not a criticism: just helpful (we hope) feedback from actual users. We love Pagy and thank you so much for creating it!


Posted in How to Add Pagination with Pagy Discussion

Thank you for this wonderful explanation. The Pagy docs don't mention the requirement that you need to 'import' the methods for front end and back end. This video was the missing link. Thank you once again Chris for a job well done!

Posted in User Onboarding Progress Bar Discussion

Thanks as always Chris! Great stuff. We have our onboarding checklist already working, but yours is a bit cleaner, and automatically checks off the items as they are completed! I look forward to implementing this as an improvement in the future!

If you happen to see this:

Can this work on a more complicated task, i.e. Make a post that uses the tag 'introduce-yourself'? In other words, how would we set it up so the checklist knows it wasn't just a post, but actually a post with a particular tag?


We have the photo uploads working now (THANK YOU CHRIS FOR A GREAT TUTORIAL!), but unfortunately, there is no 'drag and drop' option on mobile, so it means only those users on desktop can add a photo to their posts. I've been searching on google for a tutorial on how to add a custom button to the Trix editor.

Any thoughts? Has anyone done it before?

I wish I could help but I don't know the answer. Why don't you try the GoRails Slack?

Posted in Group Chat with ActionCable: Part 3 Discussion

Are you still having trouble? Did you get it working Syed? I'm no expert, but my team and I got it working on our app, and I'll try to help as much as I can.

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