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Multiuser Live Video Chat in Rails Discussion

me clapping my hands like a monkey when I see the final result after losing complete track in the js part


Any ideas on how to provide a choice between h264 and the other formats?


Nice video. Will there be more on the other features you mentioned, such as recording, broadcasts, etc.?


Awesome Video! Been desperate to know how to do this.


The last part reminded me of the Brady Bunch.

Cool video(s)


Hi Chris,
to be honest. One can't really follow up on the JS part because you're not showing or linking their API-Docs.
The fucked up part with dynamic languages is that we don't get clean autocompletion with method documentation in our IDEs. So please consider linking to the docs and giving us the most important parts in the video description like good old Ryan Bates always did :)


Thanks Chris! This is something we can investigate creating if we decide to move away from Zoom! Or, if this turns out to be more affordable than zoom :D

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