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Test Driven Development Basics Discussion

I really like that you come at it fairly 'bare bones'... as in, no Rspec / FactoryBot / Fixtures / Cucumber / Faker / shoulda-matchers /guard etc etc. I recall when learning for the first time, it was just so much to take in for testinig. Your PORO approach makes it so simple and not as intimidating.


+1 for minitest & fixtures over rspec, factorybot etc This is nice.


What is the test suite that Chris is using here? Is there a book that shows how to use this test suite?


I found this to be very confusing. As a beginning, I'm not even sure what is going on on the screen. Where did all this code come from? What does it do?
Is there a prologe to this course? Something that teaches testing from the very start?

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