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Realtime Group Chat with Rails [Revised] - Part 1 Discussion

Hi, does the revised version is build from scratch ?
I noticed it seems like from the start of the video, you have created the project and created some models.
Can I know which episodes should I watched before this video ?


There is something called the Jumpstart Gem. It is created by Go Rails. It allows automatically installs many gems and css for you and sets up basic models and controllers so you are all set from the beginning.


You can starta new template with jumpstart here: -- Also there's a video in the readme about how it works.


Hi, I've been following the previous group chat tutorial on my rails 5.2.5 project and am curious about any compatibility this revised tutorial may have with 5.2.5 or if 6 is an absolute must to take on this tutorial?


hey👋 Chris

I am curious why you didn't use stimulus-reflex instead of raw stimulus here?


i don't like the fact that these series doesn't start from scratch :/


Using :room_user in routes doesn't seem to work in Rails 7 for me, however, :room_users works fine... I assume Rails automatically handles the user association now?


Could do a better example of explaining how resources and routes work. Was not able to follow along, and very little information was given to help troubleshoot beyond "follow what I do"

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