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Your First Ember App Discussion

General • Asked by Chris Oliver

I have a question. If you have an app that is developed on Rails on the backend and Ember on frontend, would you keep both frontend and backend on the same repository, or on two different ? If the 1st case is the correct, then I guess both would live under the root (app name) folder right? something like this

- app-folder (git-init here)
-- backend (rails api)
-- frontend (ember)

You could do that and some companies recommend that for instance thoughtbot. Personally I would n't though, your git commits would be messy because you'd be commit to 2 different project/languages in one go and that can lead to messy git logs when debugging.

Thank you for your reply! so I guess in this case you would also deploy on two different machines/droplets (if you are using DigitalOcean for example) is that correct? How would the backend communicate with the frontend?

Am not sure about the droplet part, but I think using 2 in this case is much better option unless your system admin skills are top notch and you can make them work on one droplet.
For connecting the backend with the frontend, you have to do some magic with the adapter. I recommend this tutorial: http://www.thegreatcodeadve...

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