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What's with the elitism against Javascript?

fujitora22 asked in Javascript

So, because I'm not familiar with the programming world (and, frankly, I want a job, and programming is an acquired taste), why is there so much animosity toward Javascript?

I took a C# course before Javascript, but I lost practically everything. Javascript appears to be a simpler language to grasp, isn't that a good thing?


Read the history of JavaScript. It was written in two weeks (fact check needed) and it shows. But because browsers support it you can't change to another language for almost anything on the web. My simplified version.


People spend a long time using a programming language. Each language has its own libraries and cultures of people. It forms part of a person's identity. Anything that is different can be a threat.

That's my two cents.


Javascript is different from languages like c, c++ and java.

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