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What else would you add to the Stripe Subscriptions app to 'complete' it?

TWG General asked in General

Hi Chris,

I was wondering what else you would need to include to ensure all situations are addressed to complete the Stripe Subscriptions application? For example, I'm assuming webhooks for when a card charge fails is something that needs to be added in.


It really depends on what your application needs. There are "dunning" emails that need to be sent when a payment fails because the card is expiring or has expired. Although it's easiest to just pay for a service like Baremetrics to do this for you each month (and get their metrics). I've been considering building a service for this that's significantly cheaper (or free) compared to the Dunning options out there. Maybe I'll build it and add some screencasts for it.

Aside from that, you don't really need much else if it's a basic subscription app. If you're building a marketplace or something, you'll end up wanting to integrate a lot more stuff since it's a lot more complicated.


Amazing, thanks for your comment.

I looked into other options for dunning as Baremetrics is quite expensive if you're just starting out and I'm not charging a whole lot for my subscriptions either and came across

It seems pretty good and as a great free tier for subscriptions < 250/month. Let me know what you think!

Does the app currently listen for failed renewals through webhooks?


I forgot how expensive Baremetrics was. That's kind of ridiculous. I've been using BeStunning for GoRails and it does a pretty decent job (if you can overlook it's terrible design). :)

And yes, it'll listen to the failed charges via webhooks. You could pretty easily build your own solution and save some money. That's probably my plan for things in the future.

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