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What do you think about this ?

Maxime Orefice asked in General

It's been a few months I follow you Chris and I'd like to say thank you for all what you've done.

I often watch your episodes and a question got out of my mind, so I have to ask.

What do you think if it was possible to mark watched episodes, as a member of GoRails ?
Because you have almost 90 episodes and it would be easier to see which episodes we have already seen.

It's just a suggestion that I wanna share with you.

Thanks again for all,

I love Chris


Thanks for the kind words! :D

I've definitely been planning on adding that. Here's a question for you. Which makes more sense? Having it automatically marked as "played" like Youtube does or having a button for you to mark it as watched? My first impression would be is the automatic one seems like a better idea, but I'd love to hear your thoughts (and anyone else's) on this!

Also I need to get emoji support in the forum ;-)


Yeah I think you're right, the better one is the automatic marked when the episode is fully watched.


I agree with Maxime, sometimes with YT I'll click on a video and just pause it, then close my browser out and it'll have marked it as played already and I get confused.


Great points! I'll get on this. :)

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