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What database should I use?

Databases • Asked by Michael Victor

I would like to create a database to store how often access tokens in my system are being used.

I was thinking of a data model like so -

  • Access Token
  • from (basically I will store this hourly, so this will be the timestamp of teh start of the hour)
  • Number of times used
What would be the ideal database for this? I am conflicted with several choices.

Some more details to help out -

  1. We get around 5k requests per minute, so the DB will have to be quick enough to update that.
  2. We will not often be querying the database, probably only be looking for daily summaries and month end aggregations for accounting and auditing purposes.
  3. We would prefer this to be on AWS as a service, but we can also spin up instances on our own.

As Solomon David said MongoDB is one of the NoSQL database. Currently there are 150 of them (NOSQL Databases). It falls into the document store category. These categories are defined based on architecture of particular database. Most of the NoSQL databases came out of need to tackle complex storage problems. For example, Cassandra was designed by Facebook to power their inbox search feature. mongodb training in chennai

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