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What are the advantages/disadvantages to using Rails with AngularJS?

Rob Sturcke asked in Rails

Came across a tutorial for using Devise authority tokens in a rails API, however are there any other reasons to use AngularJS and Rails? Advantages or disadvantages?

The AngularJS with Rails tutorial:

New but familiar to AngularJS and looking to integrate it into my projects.


Been working with Angular 1.5 for the past few months and not really a fan. Yes it makes things easy with having ng-if and ng-click etc but I think using React or Vue.js would be much better.


I'll have to checkout React/Vue.js then. I've been messing with AngularJS on and off but not too satisfied with the lang.


It's got its up's and down's. you start to use it and you're like wth??? then you're like oohhhh I like this and then back to wth?? just seems bloated and all over the place for example this is some html i wrote out. Pretty ugly sometimes...but useful.

<a  class="user-name"
    ng-href="{{ $ }}"
    ng-click="$ctrl.handleClick( 'user-name' )">
    {{ $ }}
<a  ng-href="{{ $ }}"
    ng-click="$ctrl.handleClick( 'brand-name' )">
    {{ $[0].i }} at {{ $[0].n }}
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