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Webpacker noob - so I saw your video and im using rails 6

Gus P asked in Rails

how does one go by installing with webpacker?

yarn add isotope-layout

now I get an error

          - @staff.each do |faculty|
              - if faculty.profile.attached?
                = link_to image_tag(url_for(faculty.profile)), '#', class: 'card-img-top'
                = link_to "#" do
                      = faculty.staff_title
                    = faculty.title

    // options
    itemSelector: '.card-wrapper',
    layoutMode: 'fitRows',
    percentPosition: true,
    gutter: 10

(index):311 Uncaught TypeError: $(...).isotope is not a function
    at (index):311

I checked to see if isotope was there in the pack_tag its there am I missing something?


Figured it out


var jQueryBridget = require('jquery-bridget');
var Isotope = require('isotope-layout');

jQueryBridget( 'isotope', Isotope, $ );

Sheesh !

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