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Webpacker Javascript Embed Code Snippet & Scoped Styles Discussion

@Chris Oliver, Nice series tutorial. I really enjoy this series of tutorial.
If you have time and If you will convert this embeddable series with React JS then it would be nice. I like your tutorials and also I increase my skills through your tutorial.


I just notices a rails helper method for escaping the html on show.html.erb, :html_escape


helper.send(:html_escape, 'is a > 0 & a < 10?')

It might be easier.


Wait, that might not work well.


skip_before_action :verify_authenticity_token is being used in comments controller - seems like a bad idea. how can we ensure csrf protection?


In case anyone else runs into this issue with Rails 6 and Webpacker, I needed to replace: sources_from_pack_manifest with sources_from_manifest_entries.


I just ran into that. The Rails error suggested the same thing.


How do you access stylesheets? There are only js files in sources_from_manifest_entries


You need to set extract_css to true in your webpacker.yml file.


If I am using TailwindCSS, how can I NOT send the entire library on embed.css endpoint?


Hello, if the widget have steps, like select a model and then enter user personal data, like email, name, etc. (in another view, like a 2 steps/views widget)How we accomplish this just making the steps inside the widget and not changing the current page?


Any idea how to parametrize the embedded javascript, say I want to retrieve a list of items through the embedded js. It's always the same piece of JS but sometimes I want to fetch based on some criteria. How would we achieve that ?

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