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Using custom scaffold templates for Rails models and controllers?

Dan Tappin asked in Rails

After getting tired of rebuilding all my default scaffold models, views and controllers I decided to create custom templates as outlines on various blogs / SA questions etc.

I created:

/lib/templates/erb/scaffold/ (and so on for the actions etc.)

I added this to my config/application.rb file:

config.generators do |g|
      g.orm             :active_record
      g.template_engine :erb
      g.test_framework  :test_unit, fixture: true
      g.skip_routes  true

I then run the scaffold:

rails g scaffold MyModel name description notes:text flag_active:boolean slug company_id:integer
Running via Spring preloader in process 52960
      invoke  active_record
      create    db/migrate/20200130165523_create_my_models.rb
      create    app/models/my_model.rb
      invoke    test_unit
      create      test/models/my_model_test.rb
      create      test/fixtures/my_models.yml
      invoke  resource_route
       route    resources :my_models
      invoke  inherited_resources_controller
      create    app/controllers/my_models_controller.rb
      invoke    erb
      create      app/views/my_models
      create      app/views/my_models/index.html.erb
      create      app/views/my_models/edit.html.erb
      create      app/views/my_models/show.html.erb
      create      app/views/my_models/new.html.erb
      create      app/views/my_models/_form.html.erb
      invoke    test_unit
      create      test/controllers/my_models_controller_test.rb
      create      test/system/my_models_test.rb
      invoke    helper
      create      app/helpers/my_models_helper.rb
      invoke      test_unit
      invoke    jbuilder
      create      app/views/my_models/index.json.jbuilder
      create      app/views/my_models/show.json.jbuilder
      create      app/views/my_models/_my_model.json.jbuilder
      invoke  assets
      invoke    coffee
      create      app/assets/javascripts/
      invoke    scss
      create      app/assets/stylesheets/my_models.scss

The issues are that the model and controller templates are not used and the views work fine.

I found this post detailing that active admin (which I use) uses inherited_resources_controller. I am guessing that is part of the issue but I am at a loss how to fix this. I can't seem to find an obvious solution posted anywhere else.


The model template needs to be in:

And the controller template needs to be:

My updated question would be then why is rails using inherited_resources_controller vs scaffold controller and can I fix that?


I stumbled on half of the solution - if I put my controller template in inherited_resources_controller that seems to fix the controller template issue.

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