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User Authentication with Devise | GoRails - GoRails

Chris Oliver asked in General

what is debug view you have ? when you hit the error? u have some cool gem?


Yep! It's called better_errors. Checkout this episode:


what if I want to render other views (totally custom views) not even generated with devise?


easy fix: via

config.scoped_views = true


Awesome vid! Hey Chris, I'm setting up my authentication from scratch. If I wanted different users ie admin, client, employee is it okay to create separate models, controllers, and views for each of their authentication processes?


Absolutely! Just be aware that separate models means your users can't ever switch roles from employee to client or client to admin for example. This is definitely the simplest route, but you can also check out rolify if you want to use a single User model and allow users to have different privileges at will.

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