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CSV Upload Form to Import Records Discussion

Awesome job on explaining imports in a simple way. Some of the most complex chunks of code I have worked on are imports. Especially if the data is inconsistent and needs to have all the edge cases accounted for, or be massaged into the correct formatting. One thing I would suggest for anyone implementing an import like this is a max record limit for each import. So a user cannot just shove 50,000 records down the app's throat. That kind of thing can crash an app server really quick.


That's a really great point. What do you think is a good way to handle that case? Do you let them attempt it, count the lines in the file, and then return an error telling them to contact support if it is over a certain number?

Anderson Evans Anderson Evans

Enjoying this tutorial, and everything is working fine for me up to about 15 minute in, but then when I should finally be getting the notice: X users uploaded on the browser after clicking "Upload" I get a `NoMethodError in UsersController#import` with `undefined method 'path' for "csvname.csv":String` Any thoughts on why this might be happening?


Did you figure this out? I have the same error.


Hi Chris, please can you expand this series to show how to upload excel files. I'm struggling to make your process work with an excel file instead of a csv file in my app. I've moved on to trying all the tutorials I linked in this post - and now just have a mess.

I seem to be getting the same error as Anderson Evans (below). Please could you do an example with an excel file. Thanks so much, Mel


in a pry session, i was curious to try this out. Ive imported a CSV with headers: true and header_converters: :symbol. when i convert the first item to a hash and attempt use slice i get a

NoMethodError: undefined method `slice' for #<hash:0x007fba2f6a6300>

ive used both .to_h and .to_hash on the row item

any thoughts?


Question on this. How would you combine this with other form fields? Like if I wanted to set up some default form fields to fill out. Then upload a csv file with a bunch of users and create records for each user with the form fields that were filled out?

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