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Turbolinks 5 Forms for Mobile Discussion

Chris, great episode!

I'm really interested in learning more about turbolinks 5 and creating hybrid apps. I would love to see more, even the more basic/beginner stuff.



I spent a bunch of my day yesterday learning iOS so I think we'll be able to make some great little example apps in some episodes soon. :D

Ron Huppert Ron Huppert

Thanks for this, Chris. I was planning to use React Native to create IOS and Android subsets of my application and think Turbolinks would be a great stepping stone toward that end.

I do my development on Ubuntu 16.04 and wondered if I Xcode can be used reliably on my box. Am I better off setting all this up in Vagrant or do you have other suggestions? ... or should I buy a Mac?


I believe if you want to do iOS development at all, you have to use macOS. You can run it on some compatible PCs though:

Having spent the last few weeks doing some React Native on the side, it's a pretty rough experience. Lots of compatibility problems and things like navigation libraries have been rewritten like 6 times already. It's still got a long way to go and it's getting better, but it can be pretty frustrating compared to just building native apps with or without Turbolinks adapters. At least when you're building native you can easily use any library or examples online.

Navid Farjad Navid Farjad

I have never created an ios app, can i convert my ROR responsive web to ios app with this tutorial? what about android ?! i really could not find any tutorial for it. i really appreciate if you make it as well

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