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Trying Out Bootstrap 3.0 Discussion

Chris Oliver asked in General

Hi, I've been trying to install bootstrap 3 with rails. I keep getting this issue when I run the server:

/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p385/bundler/gems/bootstrap-rails-ff63b9787a34/lib/bootstrap-rails/engine.rb:6:in `block in <class:engine>': uninitialized constant Bootstrap::Rails::Engine::Sass (NameError)

Any ideas what could be causing this?


Make sure you didn't put this gem or the sass gem inside the assets group because Rails 4 no longer uses it. If that's not it, paste your Gemfile in a gist and I'll take a look!


Thanks for nice article Chris.
I tried to install the gem adding it to Gemfile and then running bundler. The files got installed into:


is that OK ? I expected them to be in the folder of my application..

thanks a lot


Perfectly good! :) Gems get installed to a location like that when you're in development. It's mostly because you shouldn't ever modify the gem's code, so they don't want to place it in a location where you might be tempted. If you do want to modify the gem, you can fork it and use either the github or path options when specifying a gem to user your own version. This didn't make much sense to me either the first time I used it.


Thanks for this post. Worked like a charm!

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