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Transitioning from JAVA to Ruby On Rails. How do I go about it

Shiva Sharan Viralam Sreedar asked in General

Hey guys, As the title suggests, I have been a Java dev for some time and transitioning into RoR. The space is definitely overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Please suggest some resources, where to begin, things to look out for and etc. Thanks in advance

I'd highly recommend checking out our Rails for Beginners course which you can find here:

I would recommend the following learning path for anyone starting to learn Rails:

1) The Essential Web Developer Course (Free)
It's a few years old and covers Rails 5 and Bootstrap 3... but it is really good. You'll need to make a few minor tweaks along the way since the Stripe integration and Heroku deployment has changed... but it's easy to figure out. Covers heaps of stuff like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Ruby, Rails, Authentication, Membership and Payments, Forms, Sending Emails etc.

2) Learn Enough Ruby (Paid)

3) Ruby on Rails (Rails 7) (Paid)
Just released the first draft for Rails 7.

After completing the above... you will have a better idea of the direction you want to follow next and then you will also understand Chris's course a lot better.

You will also need to choose an IDE:
Cloud9 (Free... but need to pay for the Amazon EC2 instance)
Used in the courses above.
I have used Cloud 9 quite a bit (even with a team of developers) and the collaborative features are good... but the IDE is not as full featured as others.

Intellij IDEA or RubyMine (Paid)
This is what I currently use. Highly recommended and worth the money.

VS Code (Free)
I've only installed VS Code to evaluate it... but looks ok.

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