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Style a drop down menu with css

jm castel asked in CSS

I watched the tuto on making notifications but i can't set the css to display the notifs properly.

Could someone show me an exemple of his css ?



I was using Bootstrap to get the notification links in the header. No extra CSS needed for basic links like that.


In fact I was talking about styling the drop down menu, not the way of putting it into the nav bar.
I was trying to have the same as go rail with the red background around the notification' s number but fore somme reason when I click the bell, the red background doesn't disappear


Hey JM,

I also added some code to remove that bell after you mark the messages as read. Once that AJAX call completes, the JS success callback just removes that div from the navigation. And that number is just the typical bootstrap CSS for the badge. You can inspect the HTML on the page to see what that looks like!

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