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Sorting Images using Active Storage

Tony Serkis asked in Rails

I'm experimenting with Active Storage to manage images. I got the multiple uploads working, but I want to use acts_as_list position with jQuery sortable to manage their order using ajax, like in the video on this site. In a normal model, I would run a migration to add position to the model. But it looks like I have no access to the Blob or Attachement models. How would I tackle this? Or do I have to go back to using Carrierwave? Any help would be appreciated.

I figured out how to do it. Thanks anyway.

And how did you do that ? A short explanation or a link would be appreciated :).

Hi Tony,
Can you provide me how you have implemented that?

I'm also interested. Thanks in advance

Sorry everyone. I didn't see your replies. IF you're still interested I can probably put something together.

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