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SimpleCalendar 1.1 released! Discussion

Chris Oliver asked in General

Do you have a demo for this??


It just generates an HTML table, so there are no CSS styles applied by default. That's up to you. Here's a screenshot of it using Bootstrap. and an older version in use here at

DeeDee Lavinder DeeDee Lavinder

Glad to have found simple_calendar. Thank you! Are there images missing or not displaying properly above? There are empty panels with captions above them saying things like, "You can make a 4 day agenda calendar:" I am trying to learn and understand all I can about simple_calendar in order to implement it in my app as soon as possible. Thank you again for your time and energy on this program.


Updated the post to show the code for those. I'll point you to the Github page for the latest info on the gem though:


Is it possible to display a weekly calendar with days going from Monday to Friday only? This is to make student timetable.


Yes, but you would want to create a custom class that inherits from the main calendar. You can take a look at this as an example and adapt it to be a business-week calendar.


Another option I just thought about is that you could use CSS to hide the weekends (the first and last TDs in each column) and render the normal week_calendar.

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