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Sidekiq + Action Mailer

Michael Kogan asked in Rails

I study Ruby on Rails and I have a one-page simple application that will send emails to people. In the form on the page, a person enters the time and date when he wants to send an email.
deliver_now works for me but when I want to send it by deliver_later in 2 minutes for example (not yet by date) it doesn't. There is a link to the code.


Hey Michael..Sidekiq allows you to schedule the time when a job will be executed, and so does Active Job, through deliver_later ( Active Job is integrated with Action Mailer, so try to enqueue the delayed delivery through Active Job instead of Sidekiq.


UsersMailer.remind_email(@user).deliver_later(wait: 2.minutes)


Thanks for the answer ! Now it works. Now I want to send it by users date and time and it doesn't send. It also doesn't save the date to db.

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