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Should I be able to master JavaScript in less than two months?

rony yadav asked in Javascript

I realise this is probably a redundant post because others have asked the same question, but I'm curious if I'm any good at JavaScript now that I've been learning it for two months. I feel as if I only have a rudimentary understanding of anything. I'm preparing to embark on the Odin Project because I'm sick of tutorials and want to be free of them. I don't feel like I'm learning anything, and I've heard that TOP doesn't hold your hand. That is something I require.

Edit: When I say GOOD, I don't simply mean the essentials. For God's sake, it's been two months and I'm still baffled about the for loop. I feel as if I don't have a firm grasp on the fundamentals.

Edit 2: I'm from the food service industry, and I have comprehension challenges as well as ADHD, but I'm still going strong.


still waiting for any response or reply.


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In 2 months, you can master only the basics of JavaScript. But everything will depend on how you discipline yourself in training. It was very easy for me to master JavaScript when I started to prescribe action algorithms and made up logic. I didn't know how to structure step by step before and I looked at how essay writers do it. I turned to for help and saw how their thought develops logically. After that, I myself tried to write a logical structure and as a result I mastered JavaScript. So I advise you to do the same.



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