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Share resources among controllers?

Tom Dringer asked in Rails


I’m not even sure I’m using the correct terminology here (sharing resources among controllers) but here goes.
Imagine I have a page called students with the usual CRUD functionality and another page with another controller called news or something. If the student page had a table called students with first name, second name etc ... how would I use the student table in the news template so I could do a for each student to list names or whatever? This is where things start to fall apart in my understanding of Rails. Thanks!


I'm thinking i need to look at Nested Resources?


Anyone interested in this, in the news controller under def index you can just add the variable @students = Students.all or whatever and it really is as simple as that.


Have you perhaps created a project thread on the GitHub or It's better to make suggestions when you see clearly what's required as the explanation is bit confusing...

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