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Setup Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu Discussion

Chris Oliver asked in General

I would use rvm or rbenv to manage ruby versions on per projects with the standard .ruby-version
rvm is a heavier beast compared to rbenv. if you are not changing ruby version often. us rbenv.. otherwise use rvm

to install rvm

curl -sSL | bash

to install a ruby version

rvm install 3.2.3

We recommend ASDF instead because it supports other programming languages, like Ruby, Node.js, Python, etc. This is important because Rails applications will often need Node as their JavaScript gets more complicated.

It also uses .ruby-version and .node-version files just like the other language managers.

Plus, it's simpler than RVM the which requires a deeper shell integration.


had too many problems with gem collisions with the same versions of ruby using asdf never has any issues with gem-sets on rvm

might have to retry asdf again.. its been awhile

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