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Serving Assets on Nginx + Passenger Production Deployment

Chad Andersen asked in Servers

Not sure if I picked the correct category, but I'm having trouble getting Nginx to serve the assets when in production. Most of the tutorials/forums I find are for older versions of Rails, and none of the modifications to the nginx.conf file I make actually work. I finally just turned on config.assets.compile = true in the environments/production.rb file, only bc I was reaching a deadline to get a Coming Soon page up and running. I know for the full app, I won't want to handle the assets that way.

I'm using Rails 5.2.0 and Ruby 2.5.0 with NGINX + Passenger on a Linode server, running Ubuntu 18.04

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I want the site to be as fast as possible in production and I seem to always have issues with the asset files (even after performing a RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake db:precompile)

Thank you!


Mind to elaborate more on your issue? What happens if you didn't set config.assets.compile = true ? Does the assets not served? Is the stylesheet/ javascript tag correctly placed in views?

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