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Dan Donche asked in Rails

I have a Rails app I built with 5.2. It's intended to be similar to Soundcloud in some ways, Spotify in others. I am using Carrierwave to upload audio files to Amazon S3. One of the things I would like to hire a more skilled developer for is 1) writing id3 tags to these audio files when they get uploaded and 2) figuring out why the track information doesn't display via Bluetooth. I would also like to accept more audio types than mp3, and perhaps convert them to mp3 on upload.

Note that this will lead to more work in the future as tasks become available that I don't have time to do.


Note: I would also be willing to transition from Carrierwave to Active Storage if that would make everything easier.


Have you considered bundling up id3v2 or eyeD3 and sticking it on AWS lambda. You can then use S3 events to trigger the lambda.

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