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Security Hardening Servers with Fail2Ban Discussion

Great epiode Chris! Would love to see more like this!


I've got another one coming up soon on a tool called Cockpit which is pretty neat.


If you're like me and got yourself blocked from your site by testing Fail2Ban out just type in fail2ban-client unban <yourIP> or fail2ban-client unban --all.


Great episode Chris!

I was really missing more videos about managing your own sercer in the day to day with all these useful things.


To make sure that you don't get locked out, and if you have a dynamic IP at home consider setting up a cloud jump on DigitalOcean, Vultur, Linode, etc. This way you have an IP that you know shouldn't be changing unless the VM is destroyed.


This is really cool! Is this provided by Hatchbox out of the box as well? (No pun intended)


Not by default, it's too easy for people to lock themselves out if they aren't familiar with using SSH. We definitely encourage you to install it if you want. 👍

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