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Searchkick and Anycable-rails hangs server

David Karlsson asked in Rails

Hello! I have an issue in my app that I just cannot solve.. I have been using Anycable in production for a year now and it have worked great. Then I added Searchkick to improve the search experience, but then the server just keeps freezing.. If both Searchkick gem and the Anycable-rails gem are in the gemfile(without and configuration) it happens. I have been able to reproduce it on 4 different machines.

What I did
Added the Searchkick gem in a working application using Anycable.

What I expected
Everything working as normal

What happened
Server can't take any requests and just hangs. Nothing in the logs. The client just tries to load the page until I kill the server.

I tried to isolate everything in a new rails project with the same versions here: The only change from a new Rails application is that I have added searchkick and anycable-rails to the gemfile. If I download that, run bundle install and start the server, the server hangs when trying to request "/".

OS: Ubuntu 20.04.5

ruby 3.0.1
rails 7.0.4

searchkick (5.1.0)
anycable (1.2.3)
anycable-rails (1.3.4)
grpc (1.50.0 x86_64-linux)

Any guidance on where I should be looking or how to tackle this issue would be highly appreciated.. I have no more ideas.



It is not just w/ Anycable, I also see the same thing w/ just searchkick + elastic...

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