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S3 Storage and Active Storage Images not showing

Rob Thomas asked in Rails

Hey Guys,

I have S3 Storage all setup and things are workin as I am getting:

ActiveStorage::Blob Update (0.8ms)  UPDATE "active_storage_blobs" SET "metadata" = $1 WHERE "active_storage_blobs"."id" = $2 

in the terminal but my images are shouwing as broken images. Any ideas on how to fix this?


Could you share the code?


Did you figure this out? I'm having trouble setting up S3 to work with Active Storage on a Heroku environment.

Would you mind sharing your setup, please?


Check if you have rescue from routing error in your routes.rb

Something like this:

Rails.application.routes.draw do
match '*unmatched', to: 'application#route_not_found', via: :all

That prevents active storage path from accessing your stored image in S3, hence the broken image.

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