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Ruby on Rails save on model has_many to has_many doesn't trigger on build

Ulises Carreón asked in Rails

We have this model called "Cliente" (cliente.rb):

 class Cliente < ApplicationRecord
    has_many :clientes_hardwares
    has_many :clientes_notificaciones
    has_many :sucursales
    has_many :notificaciones,   through: :clientes_notificaciones
    has_many :hardwares,        through: :clientes_hardwares

The SQL table:

And the model "Notificaciones" (notificacione.rb):

   class Notificacione < ApplicationRecord
    has_many :clientes_notificaciones
    has_many :clientes, through: :clientes_notificaciones

The SQL Table:

And after that we created a join table.

class CreateJoinTableClientesNotificaciones < ActiveRecord::Migration[5.2]
  def change
    create_join_table :clientes, :notificaciones do |t|
      t.index [:cliente_id, :notificacione_id]
      t.index [:notificacione_id, :cliente_id]

The SQL table is called "clientes_notificaciones" and his structure very simple

The model is file(clientes_notificacione.rb):

class ClientesNotificacione < ApplicationRecord
    belongs_to :cliente
    belongs_to :notificacione

We wanna save the relation on the table but the console doesn't show the actual error.

def savenoti
         @cliente = Cliente.find(6)
            :notificacione => Notificacione.find(1)

But the console shows:

wrong number of arguments (given 1, expected 0)

Am i missing something?

Regards in advance.

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