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Ruby on Rails or Node.JS, who is the leader of 2017?

alexblack asked in Ruby

Finally, Ruby on Rails vs Node.js – who seems to be really better? Frankly, Ruby On Rails is still a popular framework and loved by a lot of developers. However, there are advantages of node.js as well. It’s javascript, and it’s event-driven architecture which makes it an awesome fit for mobile apps, chatting apps, or any apps that use rest services as a backend. Still, can't choose? Find the latest news and conclusion for 2017 in Artjoker blog.

I think that use ruby or node.js depends on the purpose for what you want, for example if you want fast development and readable language maybe it is better ruby, if you want speed and to stream is better node.js, but more on this in this article .

I agree. the choice really depends on what you need. If you look for a way to build a real-time application that requires processing a big number of concurrent connections, Node.js is the perfect match. If your project doesn’t require a lot of real-time functionality, Ruby on Rails is the way to go. More on this can be found in this article

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