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Rich text format editor in rails 4

John Munyi asked in General

I am looking for a rich text format editor that is compatible with rails 4, any good ones out there, I want to make beautiful text-areas with rich text.



If you don't need anything too complicated, Basecamp just released their new text editor that I found to be really good. It's called Trix.

There's also CKEditor and TinyMCE that have been used by a lot of people in the past. I don't particularly like them, but they do a lot more than Trix.


Thanks chris had tried out cke and its was a bit of an overkill in the wrong direction will checkout Trix... Need something simple


It's pretty much the most awesome one I've seen. I'm going to have to do an episode on it soon.


Check out this gem if you'd like an 'easy' way to integrate the editor.

I've used it in a few of my projects.


Thanks Andrew and Chris .. Trix does it for me


I have used this one in the past, pretty cool and also


Since I started to blog with Jekyll, Markdown seem to be the most convenient way to edit text.
I have used an editor like the one used in the Ghost blogging platform for a client rails project and it worked perfectly.
Maybe worth considering in the future
I find it way easier to use that any text editor.


The ghost editor looks pretty sweet too! Thanks for sharing that.


Seems like Trix is having a lot of problems and lack of support for image and image uploading, I have personally ran into a bunch of diffrent issues with Trix and it seems their core does not want to implement a lot of nessacary features such as image orantation and image resizing.

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