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Redmine Rails

Ondřej Láznička asked in Rails

Hi, i have trouble with ruby ( i dont know any ruby basics but im edititing redmine plugin ).

I prepared method
def getDateForRedmine( startDay, endDay, limit, date )

        datetime = Date.strptime(date.to_s,'%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%s').to_datetime
        hour = datetime.hour.to_i
        minute = datetime.minute.to_i

        if hour >= startDay
            tempTime = hour + limit
            if tempTime < endDay
                return date.change(hour: tempTime).to_s(:db)
            elseif tempTime == endDay
                if minute > 0  then
                  return date.change(hour: startDay, day: 1).to_s(:db)
                  return date.change(hour: tempTime).to_s(:db)
            elseif tempTime > endDay
                if  hour > endDay
                    return getDateForRedmine(startDay,endDay, limit, date.change(hour: 8, day: 1) )
                    remains = tempTime - endDay
                    return getDateForRedmine(startDay,endDay, remains, date.change(hour: 8, day: 1) )


Which based on given values return datetime shifted.

Example of input
startDay = 8
endDay = 16
limit = 4
date = is current date

And it should return date shifted based on workday. But it keep returning nulll..

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