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Realtime Nested Comments: Part 2 Discussion

Hey Chris, thanks for the video! I'm just wondering about the design decision to have a stream subscription for each individual comment for the broadcast removal vs broadcasting to the "container" comments stream along with the id of the comment to remove.

Is there a reason for doing it this way? Wondering if this would scale to a page with 1000 comments for example. Would that require 1001 websocket connections?


Any further thought on this? I'm wondering the same thing.


Not going to lie I hear some beeping sound or popping sound and then raise my right or left arm depending on which ear I heard it in. Am I the only one hearing this or what? It's low key making me do the hearing test...


can you please make a video for explain how to use flash message and/or notifications with turbo?


Hi ! Thanks Chris for these really useful videos !
One thing I still don't get though across your different videos on the matter of streams.
In your Twitter clone, you didn't have to set a format.turbo_stream in your create action and the comment would be appended within a frame, even on a redirect.
There you have to set it so it doesn't reload all the page. Why so ?


Was it b/c in that video, one user is looking at the page in one browser? So it's updating for that person's session, but not broadcast out to other users simultaneously. Been awhile since I've seen that Twitter clone vid but I'm guessing that's why.

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