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rails - javascript doesnt work on herokuapp

Reckordp asked in Servers

I know this question is asked a lot in old posts

but, no one has fixed my problem. The problem is an error in the web console

TypeError: e is undefined
ReferenceError: ubah_tampilan_menu is not defined
I tried to execute an html.erb file

<% RuangDepanController::Daftar_Menu.each do |m| %>

<%= link_to(m, "javascript:ubah_tampilan_menu('#{m}')") %>

<% end %>
The code calls this Javascript script, written in Coffeescript

@ubah_tampilan_menu = (menu) ->
xhr = new XMLHttpRequest()'GET', "bentuk_loading")
xhr.onreadystatechange = ()->
document.getElementById("Pertujukan").innerHTML = xhr.responseText


on localhost: 3000 of these codes work well. But after deploying heroku I received the message above. First I looked for the function and I found it in the web debugger. I use Rails 5.2.2 and Mozila Firefox. Any idea?

(Sorry for bad English)

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